Batik and clothes Batik and interior

If «the day like any other day finds you blue» then, going to wander around the city, grab the handful of colours to accompany you on the way — your favourite scarf, your travel companion, the trusted friend of dreamers and poets — the reminder of ancient myths of bright faraway Java lands.

Or when getting ready for a party, looking for an original unusual accessory to accent your unique image you'll be happy to find this special colourful silk neck scarf or bandana.

Or maybe the psychedelic shirt, a-la hippy, suggesting a trip straight to Goa?

Or the dress with the pattern of constellations guarding over the body they encompass? The cool stream runs along the sleeves, delicate tangles of irises ripple in time with your steps, look — here comes the rainbow!

Become a dream, wrap yourself in a myth!

My home is my castle, my harbour, the imprint of my soul. It looks into the world through its windows, and the world reveals itself in its eyes. Sometimes I lower the lids — draw the curtains.

What do you see then, what do the patterns on the inner side of you lids tell you, what colour they emit? Soothing for the soul green, blue, cooling the mind, crimson that burn the body? Or maybe the sun filters through the intricate pattern in the variety of colourful splashes — create it yourself!

Now its time to leave your castle and start the crusade on the banality — to attack everyday boredom smudging it stealthily with paints. All means are good to an end — the sweetness and seductiveness of eclectic style!

Painted Morocco cushions and spreads, intricate Art Nuevo screens, laconic Japanese sedzi, maybe the huge wall coverings decorated with the drawings of Australian aborigines — the whole world can become an allay in you fight with routine if your weapon is a brush and the pair of skilful hands.

And late at night, leaving the battle behind, wrapped in a blanket with the book in your lap you turn on the little light guiding you to the lands of cosiness and comfort.