Batar Guru presents people the art of batik

Long time ago in the hour of the afternoon Batar Guru has descended to the top of Alu-Alu mountain in Java island to rest after his Heavenly work. He found Earth submerged in dusk and dullness, its inhabitants joyless without bright colours of the sky.

Then Batar Guru vowed: " I will teach people the art that pleases the eye and rejuvenates the soul!" He spread his arm, and the vast rolls of the daintiest fabrics spread among the valleys — lo, he spread the other arm, and myriads of wild bees obediently swarmed from the deep forests, bringing him their wax. Batar Guru has melted the wax on the Heavenly fire and sprinkled it generously over the snow-white spreads — splat, splat, splat! And he struck his drum, and multicoloured clouds covered the sky; he started out a gaily dance over the silks, leaving behind an intricate trace of drawing, telling the tale of the past days and of the days to follow.

The Heaven has opened, and the bright colours has poured down in a fall - blue of a sky, green of the leaves, red of a sparkling fire burning in the middle of the ocean. Batar Guru rose to the top of the mountain and watched the fruits of his deeds, and rejoiced at the beauty of it.

And people came around, and were awestruck by the lovely colours and magical pictures — flying swift-winged birds, richly decorated palaces and parades, battling swords and heavenly beauties.

And when Batar Guru has descended from Heaven again he saw that this Art has took root among people, spreading from Pyramids to the realms of the Yellow Emperor, from the country of Rising Sun to the lands of Metal Machines ...